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Immigrant Prince

Foglesong’s instincts and talents for explaining why events and lives unfold as they do have never been more compelling than in this account of Martinez.

Dick J. Batchelor

Immigrant Prince: Mel Martinez and the American Dream

Recounts the American and Florida dream story of Mel Martinez, who came to the U.S. as a teenage refugee from Castro’s Cuba and rose to become the nation’s first Cuban-born U.S. senator. Told in the context of the rising political power of U.S. Hispanics, the changing role of religion in American politics, and the bitter struggle over immigration reform.

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Could Grayson-Demings repeat Deutsch-Castor?

The following article by Richard Foglesong was published in the Opinion Section of the Orlando Sentinel on Friday, July 29, 2011: Democrats should worry about a primary battle between Val Demings and Alan Grayson if both stay in the race for the District 8...

Gov. Rick Scott’s Letter to Casey Anthony

Dear Ms. Anthony, I personally want to thank you for capturing so much media attention in the past several months. Your pain has been my gain, so to speak. Since I became governor of this great state, the liberal news media has been picking me apart. About the only...

Will Jon Huntsman’s Florida Strategy Work?

Recently I heard Chris Matthews complain on his Hardball program about the anti-Obama rhetoric of Republican presidential hopefuls. “They need to come to their convention in Tampa and say, ‘I disagree with Pres. Obama on the economy, the deficit, and...

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